Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shelf Life

"The Museum has a major collection — over 40 tonnes — of artefacts covering electrostatics, telegraphy, telephony, audio, radio, television and video and IT... as well as some early experimental radar, satellite, photographic and printing equipment plus a technical library of scientific literature and related documentation."

In a sense the above exert from our website's home page ( says so much, and yet so very little about our collection of printed material. That the bit about the library appears at the end of the paragraph infers that this aspect of the museum is perhaps not as prominent an attraction as the rest of the collection: which is true. However, the sheer range of the publications we have on our shelves goes well beyond that expected of a technical library.

Through this blog I aim to highlight a much under-used resource which contains books on advanced electronic engineering, beginner's guides to science, assorted 'how-to' guides, science fiction and GPO directories as well as back issues of QST, Practical Wireless, Electronics Today and many, many others stretching back over several decades.

Whether you have a professional, scholarly or personal interest in any of these topics, or the ones I hope to uncover here, you can arrange a visit to the museum by calling 01592 874836 or emailing

If you would like to donate any appropriate printed materials to the museum please contact


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